Yuko Morita

Yuko Morita is a London based Japanese artist working through the medium of sculpture and performance. Morita’s work explores the physical relationship between body action and space, and the narratives which arise from such an interplay. Morita aims to conjure the ethereal elements of space by locating a central point within the individual space she is working with and, from there, tracing intersecting remnants of past activity and imagination, both visible and invisible. The inspirations for Morita’s work lie in her early interest in architectural spaces and the uncanny, she has always been interested in the potentiality of space and it’s effect on the human psyche.

Web: www.yukomorita.co.uk

Yuko Morita from the Chambre Noir series – photo by Caroline Gervay

Yuko Morita from the Chambre Noire series – photo by Caroline Gervay