Tim Le Vin – Space and memory

How would you personally describe the relationship between space/place and memory?

In our everyday relationship with the world and it’s inhabitants we utilise our senses to navigate and create mental links with the properties of the objects we encounter. These details are filed within our minds as entries called memories. They are sorted according to our previous experiences into categories ranging from real to imaginary; nevertheless anything and everything we come in contact with is stored indefinitely. Recalling this information is a different process and everyone has varying degrees of success attempting such procedure. When we physically enter a space, a reaction encompassing the conscious effort of remembering related information, and a subconscious dredging up of any data that can be useful in the current situation occurs. A sensual stimulus within the space can induce a memory long thought forgotten. This is a gross generalisation of what the relationship is, and I’ve not even touched upon the real vs imaginary topic.