The Assembled Image

Kirsten Norrie - photograph by Ingrid EngerParlour Collective presents – The Assembled image

Saturday 17th October 2015

Kunstbanken Performance Festival, Hamar, Norway.

The town has its own reflection embedded deep in the patterns of its movements, and the imagination of its inhabitants. This reflection in turn is fragmented into countless ethereal images, which ebb and flow invisibly across the towns surface, animating its day to day life. The Assembled Image attempts to reconstruct such an image, tracing its path across the town and bringing it to the surface for one transitory moment. The elements of the image begin as a series of disconnected moments fragmented across the city like a scattered constellation. Through the artist’s actions they weave in a seemingly aimless pattern among roads and buildings until, finally, they collide in a static tableau, which rapidly dissipates back into the everyday.

Using this as a starting point, each artist was asked to construct a unique site-specific performance for the town of Hamar. Each of the acts exist both independently and as part of a wider performative tapestry.

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Description of the event by Alexis Thompson