Parlour Merzbau

A Narrative of Abstractiondscn9544

Wednesday 17th July 2013



Parlour Merzbau explored the act of fragmentation and reconstitution of space and meaning. Using Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau in Molde as its inspiration it delved into the narratives which arise through the act of recombining the known to reflect the unknown.

The Merzbau is a mirror of the invisible. It exists as a focal pastiche of human experience; both as a temple focussing the numinous, ethereal nature of time, and as a fleeting expression of the sublime. Six artists presented new site-specific performance works responding to Schwitter’s ideas; producing acts which layered and re-combined fractured intention through a bizarre dialogue of accidental meaning between action, audience, performer, and spatial landscape. The event itself being a distorted reflection of the jazz festival surrounding it.


Matthew Luck Galpin
Yuko Morita
Thomas Jeppessen
Jack Catling