Parlour Dictionnaire

ParlourDictionaire-imgFriday 15th April 2016
Dr Johnson’s House
Gough Square
London EC4A 3DE


An event at the house of Dr Johnson, the famous lexicographer, to commemorate the 261st year of his famous work Dictionary of the English Language

Parlour Dictionnaire was a site-specific live-art event which examined the performance of language as a translation of the conceptual into the physical act of speech and writing. It presented new performance-based works from eleven contemporary artists highlighting the uncanny elements within this translation, exploring the engagement with the act of language as a form of ritualised navigation through the shifting threshold between the visible and invisible. Each artist approached the role of the dictionary as a map of this territory; a physical remnant of the illusory act, exploring its creation and the vision which drove it.

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Description of the event by Alexis Thompson