Matthew Luck Galpin

Parlour Jardin

Parlour Jardin

“ When I made this garden, I felt like a magician because the finished work had no connection with the precise movements that produced it “

Adolfo Bioy Cesares – The Invention of Morel

Matthew Luck Galpin’s practice aims to find the meaning and value of things in a world often misunderstanding the process of making. He conjures a space or a doubt where the work finds it’s own wholeness through transition and internal struggle; a sense of growth in direct opposition to mechanical design.

Galpin approaches the action of fine art as the sleight of hand that tricks the eye and delivers to the heart and mind. He sees the process of making as tapping into a magnetic seam, making a battery from energies, exposing the timeless notions which surround us. which are timeless and often invisible. Galpin believes that the artist must invent the possibility of such works and encourage them to arrive, watching for their presence at the side of the glance, not at the dogmatic centre of attention.