Who are the Parlour Collective?

Image of George Petrou performanceArchitecture enables us to perceive and
understand the dialectics of permanence and
change, to settle ourselves in the world, and
to place ourselves in the continuum of culture
and time.
Juhani Pallasmaa

The Parlour Collective are a
group of international artists
inspired by the power of space,
its construction, and its
relationship with history.

We produce shows that tease out
new narratives, presenting a
contemporary, immersive
extension of the space; a living
tapestry that draws deeply from
its historic contexts, bringing
architecture, immediacy and
heritage together.

The Parlour Collective have produced shows in numerous unique historical locations across the world from operating theatres, to small islands. Each show presents new live works from a diverse group of artists, each responding to the unique features of the space and its underlying history.