Aaron Williamson

Parlour Jardin

Parlour Jardin

Parlour Principia, Parlour Jardin, Parlour Souterrain

Aaron Williamson’s work is inspired by his experience of becoming deaf and by a politicised, yet humorous sensibility towards disability.

Williamson devises unique artworks that are created on-site immediately prior to their public presentation. These consider the situations he encounters and represent, in part, his responses to it.

A constant theme throughout Williamson’s work is to challenge and subvert the romantic valorisation of social ‘outsiderness’ and thus Williamson portrays himself in performances and videos in the guise of sham-shamans, pretend-primitives, hoax-hermits, fake feral children, charlatan saints and dubious monsters. With these figures he explores and devises humorous or absurd actions that reference and pay homage to the ‘classic’ period of performance art in the 1960s and 70s.